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Exclusive representation of the Berna Biotech Pharma labs including their whole vaccine, medicine and diagnose biomedical equipment portfolio for Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and Perú.

SWISS LAB – Berna Biotech Pharma GmbH is a renewal of the previous Berna Biotech Ltd. This company was the old Swiss Serum and Vaccine Institute founded in 1898, renamed as Berna Biotech Ltd. In 2001. It was a company listed in the Swiss stock Exchange  and one of the five biggest active companies in the vaccine industry by producing over 20 different vaccines and with presence worldwide. The young Berna Biotech Pharma GmbH is expecting to relive this vaccine giant with the know-how of the ex i+D leader of Berna Biotech Ltd.

Vaccine bottle with a syringe taking the vaccine from it

We have the biggest vaccine portfolio with over 25 vaccine references.

We have an excellent management of cold chain, storage and distribution of vaccines, highlighting the accomplishment of our timings and national deliveries.


distribution and sale

Distribution and sale of vaccines for multiple immune preventable diseases in Colombia.

High cost medicines

High cost medicines for oncological diseases diagnoses, vih, or diseases that have a high pharmaceutical cost.

Syringe With New Vaccine

We manage every brand and lab in Colombia.

 We count with over 10 years of experience.

scientific Chemistry glassware for research in laboratory, medicine microbiology or biotechnology

We have over five medicine brockers worldwide to find an appropriate solution according to the needs of the patient. 

We track the product, including importation, nationalization, register solution and delivery at the institutions for the use of the patient.

Vital medications not available

We count with vital medications not available for uncommon and orphan diseases for which there is a lack of medications in Colombia

Brand and generic medicines

We count With a big portfolio of medicines from well-known brands and generic brands for institutions or company’s needs.

Doctor with injection medicine

We have broad knowledge and experience of the medicine market

statoscope and pills over brown wooden table

Hospital supplies

Medical and hospital supplies

We have a robust portfolio in medical and hospital supplies.

Medical equipment

Distribution of medical and dental equipment in the national area

Dental clinic. Medical equipment.

In the national area

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